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Konica Minolta Tower Centre

The Konica Minolta Tower Centre, opened in 1962, is located in the Fallsview district of Niagara Falls, Ontario and was the first of the modern observation towers built near the brink of the Falls. The Tower Hotel was originally called the Seagram Tower, named after the House of Seagram business in Montreal. Over the years, due to multiple bankruptcies and ownership changes, tower names changed between Heritage Tower (1969), Royal Inn Tower (1971), Royal Center Tower (1972), Panasonic Tower (1973), and Minolta Tower (1984-2007). It features an indoor observation deck, restaurant, wedding chapel, and hotel. From street level, the tower is 99 metres (325 feet) tall, however it is situated 160 metres (525 feet) above the falls. The tower underwent renovations again in 2010..... Wikipedia